✅ Your Payment Has been Received But wait {{customer_first_name}}! here's our best price for an additional accessory that will make your closet well-organized! 😍

These  Hanger Connector Cascading Hooks Allows You To Hang One Hanger Onto Another, Perfect For VELVET FLOCKING Hangers, Double And Triple Your Closet Space, Keep Your Wardrobe Neatly All The Time.

A 19.19$ Value For Just 8.98$

Suitable For Many Different Styles Of Hangers As In The Pictures, Such As Regular Velvet Suit Hangers, Shirt Hangers, Baby And Kids Hangers, Some Plastic Hangers, The Max Thickness Of Hanger top is 0.32 IN/0.8CM, Can NOT Be Used On Wood Hangers And Most Wide Shoulder Hangers.

This price is one time offer as it will be shipped in the same package of the Multi-Purpose Rotatable Hangers